This is me

Ok, so, this is my blog!  I’m doing it to chart my progress (and undoubtedly low points) towards my goal of 2015 of getting healthy.  I’ve read several other blogs over the last year and many have helped me so this is me giving it a go – and creating somewhere I can collate my memories.

December 2014 was a very low point for me – so much so that I even took off for a few days.  Post natal depression, panic and anxiety will do that to you though.  It took till March before I was strong enough to set my first goal – Tough Mudder.  A fitness goal and a mind set goal – have you any idea how many people will be there?  Oh my……  And for someone who couldn’t run for more than a few minutes it was indeed going to be a challenge.   Anyway, fast forward 3 months and I am no longer being overcome by PND and I am facing the other 2 b@stards in the face (excuse the language).  I am also comfortably running 10km now – and not just on flat routes – that hill on the EMF 10k is a killer! Oh, and I can also do one pull up – which I am more than over the moon with ha ha.

So yeah, my journey is on it’s way and I am going to chart it all on here.  Tough Mudder is 3 weeks away, but I now also have a half marathon coming up and then on to a full marathon next year!  With 3 kids, a job and a husband who now wants to do a triathlon it’s not going to be easy but then, it wouldn’t be worth it if it was!


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